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Generative AI for Financial Services

Keep it in house.

Build custom AI models using your proprietary data. No black boxes.

Predict trends. Anticipate volatility. Navigate uncertainty.

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Build Powerful, Accurate Models with Your Own Data

MosaicML's intelligence platform gives you the power to securely train and deploy high-quality custom AI.

Fine-tune, retrain, introspect. Iterate with ease.

You own your model. You control your data.

AI-Powered Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Fraud Protection

  • Efficiently ingest large data corpora to flag irregularities and unusual patterns
  • Train AI models on fraudulent behavior patterns to anticipate future threats

Risk Identification

  • Anticipate market sentiment and predict risk from news & social content
  • Get new insights from historical data & better forecast future performance

Document Processing
& Generation

  • Reliably extract & classify information from documents & embeddings
  • Generate long-form text like loan memos and appraisal reports

Customer Service

  • Train bespoke GPT chatbots that serve unique customer needs
  • Assist with product comparison and selection; improve conversion rates

MosaicML Makes Model Training Easy

Optimized Performance: our system optimizations drastically reduce the amount of compute needed to generate high quality models. 

Ultimate Security: train advanced AI models in any cloud environment—or on prem—with complete data privacy and full model ownership.

Maximum Scalability: our flexible platform makes state-of-the-art deep learning infrastructure available to anyone with a few command lines. 

Ease of Use: One-click training and one-click inference reduce the time needed to develop complex AI models by orders of magnitude.

“We can’t rely on good-enough. A single error can ruin an entire book of business. We need fast, accurate model training so we can adapt quickly to a changing market.”
Director of AI, Financial Services provider
"The 2020s are the decade of generative AI. This is the ‘what’s next’ that we’ve been waiting for."
"Generative AI can be a critical ingredient in the way financial services are delivered and make humans 10X more productive."
Bain Capital Ventures
"AI enables us to identify patterns, make predictions, create rules, automate processes and communicate more efficiently."