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To capture the full potential of AI, your Machine Learning models must be every bit as unique as your data.  

Powered by the MosaicML Cloud, you can turn your data into domain-specific models that turbocharge your business and support new use cases.

Ludicrous Speed: PersonalAI used the MosaicML cloud to train a language model for their avatar platform in minutes - not hours.

Radical Accuracy: A publicly traded financial services company used MosaicML Cloud to boost its model accuracy from 70% to 95%.

Massive Scale: The Stanford Center for Research on Foundation Models used MosaicML Cloud to train billion-parameter models on biomedical text.

Infinite Scale: The Stanford Center for Research on Foundation Models (CRFM) trained billion-parameter models on medical data using MosaicML Cloud.

They achieved astonishing results in their first MLPerf publication, beating NVIDIA’s optimized model by 17%, and the unoptimized model by 4.5x.
June 30 2022
Packaging many algorithmic speedups in an easy-to-use API is quite a nice product.
Soumith Chintala, Creator of PyTorch
We got done in two days what would have taken us a month.
Head of AI/ML, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
MosaicML researchers train large-scale vision and language models across multiple GPUs and nodes every single day. They understand how scalable research pipelines should be constructed.
Ananya Harsh Jha, Predoctoral Young Investigator from Allen Institute for AI

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Purpose-built from the ground up for ML

The MosaicML cloud makes it easy to train any size model on any number of GPUs. Achieve more accurate results faster and seamlessly scale your workloads with our distributed training methods.

Enterprise-grade integrations

We support all major clouds and popular ML tools like PyTorch, HuggingFace, Weights and Biases, CometML, and ONNX with easy integrations that fit seamlessly into your existing workflows and data pipelines.

Continuous quality improvement

Improve your model accuracy and reduce your error rate through efficient algorithms that are automatically applied to your training loop.

Industry-standard security and compliance

Reliability and security are built into the design of MosaicML Cloud. We are independently audited and make continual updates to ensure compliance with best practices across major industries.

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