Llama2-70B-Chat is now available on MosaicML Inference

MosaicML is now part of Databricks

Introducing MPT-30B, the latest addition to the MosaicML Foundation Series of Models.

Ship your AI product faster

Zero setup. Train with velocity. Stretch your funding further with MosaicML.

"Using MosaicML has been fantastic for training diffusion models. Huge improvement over the tools I've used in the past.”

Tony Francis, CEO, Dream3D

Build your models fast so you can get your MVP to market faster.

Go from 0 to hero: train your models on your own data in your own tenancy in hours, not weeks - for thousands, not millions of dollars.

The MosaicML platform lets you run jobs on any cloud — and even use your credits across multiple cloud providers — with a single interface.

Our LLM and diffusion stack is battle-tested and ready to go. We are your cloud, scaling, research, and efficiency team.

Get it right the first time

Our optimized builds let you spend time developing products, not wrangling infrastructure.
Build training pipelines into production with our Python SDK.
Easily train multi-billion parameter LLMs on hundreds of GPUs.

Achieve effortless scale and cost efficiency

Start with 8 GPUs. Scale up to hundreds.
Extend your runway with our efficient training recipes. Build high quality LLMs for thousands of dollars.
Support at any stage: fine-tune an open-source LLM, iterate, or train your own foundation model.

Maintain autonomy

You control your data and own your model weights.
No lock-in: use on any cloud provider. Bring your own compute or run on ours.
Our platform gives you the power to build the products you want, with guaranteed efficiency.
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Customer Testimonials

"We went from one training run an hour to six runs an hour, accelerating our debug process."
Francesco Rossi
Founder, Animato
“Using the Streaming Dataset we decreased training time by 2x. We didn't know how much time was being spent in loading data until we used it.”
Sharif Shameem
Founder, Lexica
"You can’t imagine how grateful I am that you are offering a robust implementation for deterministic training. So many headaches spared!"
Michele Catasta
AI Investor, Replit

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