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Introducing MPT-30B, the latest addition to the MosaicML Foundation Series of Models.

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Now with Llama2-70B-Chat.

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Text Generation
  • MPT-7B-Instruct
  • MPT-30B-Instruct
  • Llama2-70B-Chat
Text Embeddings
  • Instructor-XL by HKU
  • Instructor-Large by HKU
MPT-7B-Instruct and MPT-30B-Instruct are open source models from MosaicML, see https://mosaicml.com/blog/mpt-30b
Instructor-Large and Instructor XL are open source models from HKUNLP, see https://instructor-embedding.github.io
Llama2-70B-Chat is an open model from Meta. Llama 2 is licensed under the Llama 2 Community License, Copyright © Meta Platforms, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Top open AI models, curated by MosaicML
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*SEV-1: Production system is down or is severely impacted such that routine operation is impossible
**SEV-2: System is functional but offers service in degrated or restricted capacity

The Best Open LLMs, Curated for You

Every one of these models provides an easy starting point when adding generative AI to applications. Start coding right away and see your application functionality in action.

Text Embedding

Turn text into vectors that can be consumed by machine learning models and algorithms.
Model Name
Number of Parameters
Price Per 1K Input Tokens
335 million
1.2 billion

Text Completion

Return predicted text based on a prompt.
Model Name
Number of Parameters
Price Per 1K Tokens
(Input + Output)
(best quality)
70 billion
MPT-30B Instruct
30 billion
MPT-7B Instruct
6.7 billion