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The MosaicML platform enables you to easily train large AI models on your data, in your secure environment.

Build your next model.

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Finally, a large model stack that just works

Train large AI models at scale with a single command. Point to your S3 bucket and go. We handle the rest — orchestration, efficiency, node failures, infrastructure. Simple and scalable.

Stay on the modeling frontier with our latest recipes and techniques, rigorously tested by our research team.

“We got done in two days what would have taken us a month.”
Director of ML, Large Financial Enterprise

Deploy securely, run anywhere

With a few simple steps, deploy inside your private cloud. Your training data and models never leave your firewalls. Start training in one cloud, stop and resume on another — without skipping a beat.

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Your model, your weights

Freedom to own your model entirely, including the model weights. Introspect and better explain the model decisions. Filter the content and data based on your business rules.

“In a highly regulated environment, model and data ownership is critical to building more explainable and better models.”
Grace Z.
Director, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Plug and play

Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows, experiment trackers, and data pipelines. Our platform is fully interoperable, cloud agnostic, and enterprise proven.

Iterate faster

Run more experiments in less time with our world-leading efficiency optimizations. We’ve solved the hard engineering and systems problems for you. Train with confidence that no performance was left behind.

PersonalAI used MosaicML to train language models for their platform in minutes - not hours.

Build your way

Choose just the pieces you need from our modular training stack. Modify our starter code however you want. Our unopinionated tools make it easier, not harder, to implement your ideas.

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Stanford Center for Research on Foundational Models used MosaicML to train multi-billion-parameter large language models on biomedical text.

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They achieved astonishing results in their first MLPerf publication, beating NVIDIA’s optimized model by 17%, and the unoptimized model by 4.5x.
June 30 2022
Packaging many algorithmic speedups in an easy-to-use API is quite a nice product.
Soumith Chintala, Creator of PyTorch
We got done in two days what would have taken us a month.
Head of AI/ML, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
MosaicML researchers train large-scale vision and language models across multiple GPUs and nodes every single day. They understand how scalable research pipelines should be constructed.
Ananya Harsh Jha, Predoctoral Young Investigator from Allen Institute for AI

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